Workshop Series “Logic, Reasoning, and Rationality”

This workshop series of the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science is devoted to the two themes that are central to its research:

  • Logical analysis of scientific reasoning processes.
  • Methodological and epistemological analysis of scientific reasoning processes.

Two workshops a year are organized in Ghent (Belgium). To find out more, click here.

The series is supported by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) through the scientific research network on Logical and Methodological Analysis of Scientific Reasoning Processes.


Eleventh Workshop

Mathematics as/in Science

Date: 11-13 May 2022

Topic: The relationship between mathematics and science continues to be of considerable philosophical interest. Within contemporary philosophy of science, for example, pinpointing the exact role of mathematics in the sciences remains a hotly debated issue. Does mathematics play a mere inferential role in that it allows for the derivations of one substantial truth from another or is mathematics more than a ‘theoretical juice-extractor’? Are there distinctive mathematical explanations of physical phenomena? Similar questions can be asked about the role of logic in science.

Keynote speakers: Joachim Frans,  Valeria Giardino & Victor Gijsbers

Submission of abstracts: 18 October 2021

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