About the series

This workshop series of the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science is devoted to the two themes that are central to its research:

  • Logical analysis of scientific reasoning processes.
  • Methodological and epistemological analysis of scientific reasoning processes.

Examples of specific topics that fit into the first theme are: logical analyses of paraconsistent reasoning, reasoning under uncertainty, defeasible reasoning, abduction, causal reasoning, induction, analogical reasoning, belief revision, reasoning about action and norms, erotetic reasoning (i.e. reasoning about questions), argumentation.

Examples of specific topics that fit into the second theme are: methodological and epistemological analyses of causation and mechanisms, scientific explanation, scientific discovery, the structure of scientific theories and models, experiments and thought experiments, theory choice, theory dynamics, conceptual change, scientific expertise.

There will be two workshops per year, one in spring and a second one in autumn. Each workshop will cover one or more topics from the lists above.

See the menu above for the next workshop workshop in the series. For an overview of the past workshops, see the Archive.

The series is supported by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) through the scientific research network on Logical and Methodological Analysis of Scientific Reasoning Processes.