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Thursday, October 27th


09:30-10:00 registration


Chair: Frederik Van De Putte
10:00-11:00 keynote: Agnes Moors
The power of goal-directed processes in emotional and other actions
coffee break

Chair: Raoul Gervais

11:30-12:30 Marcus Missal
Experimental evidence in favor of a pluralistic conception of causality
Simon Wimmer
Infants’ understanding of intentional actions and false belief tasks
lunch break
Chair: Naftali Weinberger
13:30-14:30 Peter Verdée
My brain’s rules made me do it
Manuel Rebuschi
Intentionality inside? Towards an intensional account of action verbs
coffee break
Chair: Kris Goffin
15:00-16:00 Carolyn Jennings
Intentional Action and Control in the Case of Skilled Behavior
Brandt Van Der Gaast
Functionalism and Action Individuation
coffee break
Chair: Mathieu Beirlaen
16:30-17:30 Grigory Olkhovikov
Inference as doxastic agency: the basics of justification stit logic
Johannes Himmelreich
What Agency Does: A Challenge for Production Theories of Agency


19:00 Dinner at Keizershof, Vrijdagmarkt 47



Friday, October 28th


Chair: Leen De Vreese

09:30-10:30 keynote: Elisabeth Pacherie  
Intentions and motor representations: the interface challenge
10:30-11:00 Lieke Asma  
Dual action control, conscious guidance, and first-order consciousness
coffee break
 Chair: Dingmar van Eck
11:30-12:30 Anna Drodzweska  
Intentions and causality: Why genuine mental causation is crucial for free will
Inge De Bal & Erik Weber  
Causation and technical problem solving
lunch break
 Chair: Inge de Bal
13:30-14:30 Naftali Weinberger & Alessandra Marra  
Equilibrium Systems and Intentions: a Causal Analogy
Hein Duijf  
Conflicting intentions: rectifying the consistency requirements
coffee break
 Chair: Erik Weber
15:00-16:00 Victor Gijsbers & Leon de Bruin  
Folk psychological interventions
Horia Tarnovanu  
Effect Selection


16:30 Drinks at Dulle Griet, Vrijdagmarkt 50  



Saturday, October 29th


Chair: Bert Leuridan

09:30-10:30 keynote: Jan Broersen
Getting a Formal Grip on Responsibility
coffee break
Chair: Hein Duijf
11:00-12:30 Gunnar Schummann
Why causalist theories of action are wrong
Vanessa Carr
Davidson’s Challenge for Irreducible Agent-Causation
George Stamets
A Non-Causal Libertarian Account of Intentional Action


12:30 Closing words