Explanation and Abduction

Logico-Philosophical Perspectives

Date: May 7-8, 2015

Venue: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University, Blandijnberg 2, Ghent, Belgium

Organization: Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science


The topic of the first workshop will be the relation between and abduction from a logico-philosophical perspective. Questions of interest include: What are the different forms of explanation and of abduction? How do these interrelate? To what extent are they open for formal explication? What about the relation to other notions, such as confirmation, induction, IBE, causality, belief revision, …? The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop is to further our understanding of these notions and of their interrelation. For a more detailed description, and a list of possible topics, see ‘Call for papers.’

Keynote Speakers:
Leen De Vreese
Igor Douven
Gerhard Schurz

Attendance is free. However, please contact us at in case you want to attend. Please mention in the same message also whether or not you want to join in for the workshop dinner on Thursday evening and what your food preferences are (vegan, fish, meat). The price for the workshop dinner is 40 EUR (to be paid on site). In case you want to attend the workshop dinner, please contact us not later than April 27.


Book of abstracts

Call for papers