Ampliative Reasoning in the Sciences

Date: 18-19 May 2017

Organization: Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (Ghent University) and Research Group for Non-Monotonic Logic and Formal Argumentation (Ruhr-University Bochum)

Topic: In ampliative arguments, the conclusion goes beyond that what is already contained in the premises. In this workshop we explore ampliative reasoning as it occurs in scientific practice from three perspectives: formal (philosophical logic, probability theory), methodological (philosophy of science, epistemology) and historical (integrated history & philosophy of science). More details here.

Keynote speakers: Chiara Ambrosio (University College London), Ulrike Hahn (Birkbeck – University of London and LMU Munich) & Jon Williamson (University of Kent – Canterbury).

Venue: Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (KANTL), Koningstraat 18, Ghent, Belgium

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 March 2017. More details here.

Registration: The registration fee will be 50€. Coffee, lunches and the workshop dinner are included in this fee. Researchers who lack financial support may contact us for a reduction at